I take all recommended precautions to slow the spread of Covid 19 and have received a certificate for completing the Safe Sets COVID-19 (Level A) training for maintaining a safe and healthy production area.
Commercial Photographer Located in Southern Arizona, Specializing in Advertising & Editorial Images for Industrial and Small Business Clients
The quiet solitude and wide open valleys of Southeastern Arizona is where my heart is happy. Storytelling through photography, writing, and designing is a creative passion, and it brings me joy to help clients tell their story to the world. Bringing creativity and an artistic view to every project, my goal is to provide a powerful visual connection between industry and the human individual. Whether it is a large industrial business or a small family owned vineyard, we are all connected in humanity and have a unique story to tell.
My Philosophy
When I was young, I spent many hours with my dad in his workshop. He was a craftsman, designing and building machinery to solve problems. If it wasn't for those with creativity and ability to build, we wouldn't have the systems that produce what we do. From beverage bottling, candy and chocolate, or simple bottled water, it takes skilled people to design, build, control, and maintain the facilities to make these products for us. 
 I want to show the individuals that are the heart and soul of our American industries.  ~

The quiet, hard working tradesmen are the backbone of our society. They are the foundation that makes this country thrive. Using my access to get honest and raw images to show to the outside world, connecting humanity to the industrial machine, I want to portray the truth of their experiences and what they provide us, showing the hard work that goes into what we take for granted, bringing into the limelight the faces of those who dedicate their lives to making your life better, to making the world a better place.
What my clients are saying...
“One of the best things I ever did was bring Stefanie on as the photographer for our special projects and annual reports. She’s enthusiastic, friendly and fun, and that’s just in the first five minutes you meet her! She has what I call “the eye,” and a unique ability to bring art and creativity into even the most mundane subjects. Her mastery of light and perspective is outstanding! I have been a photographer since I picked up my first camera at the age of 15, and I wish I had one-tenth the ability to blend all the elements the camera is seeing into something that immediately catches your imagination and makes you want to look again and again. You can actually go back to one of Stefanie’s images days after you first saw it, and see something in the image you didn’t see before. How great is that?! Stefanie is the one I call when I want images that will tell a story.” 
– Geoff Oldfather, Communications and Public Relations Manager, Arizona G&T Cooperatives www.azgt.coop

"I have recently completed my first project with Stef, photographing staged care scenarios for a local hospice and palliative care provider, and was so thrilled with the process and results. For my clients, it's important to me that I work with a photographer who internalizes their story and shoots from within that story, capturing details and meaning and fostering natural interactions among the participants (in this case, non-actors). I had a hunch, after meeting Stef in person and reviewing her portfolio, that we could achieve that, and we did. She has an ability to not only produce a beautiful story but also build a rapport with clients, guiding them through the process, asking key questions, and helping them home in on their goals. I'm so glad to have found her. Thank you, Stef, for working with us on this delicate and meaningful project!"
(520) 705-2699  -  stef@topazphoto.com 
PO Box 1220, Pearce, Arizona 85625

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