The Recreational Aviation Foundation (RAF), a non-profit backcountry aviation organization, reached out to me, looking to update their product library with some new lifestyle images. I'm an Arizona based pilot with connections in the aviation world, so I was able to secure models with airplanes who were happy to help this non-profit update their product photos. (Pictured above is Sam with her Piper PA-12.)
Diana, who teaches aviation to high school students who are aspiring to be pilots, was also very happy to join in the fun. (She is pictured here with her Vans RV-10.)
Rick is an avid backcountry aviator, flies a Cubcrafter's Carbon Cub, and volunteers for all things aviation related, even when it comes to flipping burgers :-)  We were able to capture lifestyle images for all of the RAF merchandise at the Arizona Pilots' Association monthly Grapevine Fly-in near Roosevelt Lake. It was a fun weekend with wonderful friends, great weather, and a beautiful Arizona sunset!
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