Having a strong vision is at the core of every creative. Being able to envision what doesn't yet exist, the possibilities of what could be, and bring it into reality. The naysayers immediately chime in, that won't work, it's never been done that way, that would like terrible, people wouldn't be interested.... and the list goes on. It takes the confidence of a super hero to believe in a vision and stay the course.
It's the job of photographer or a director to bring a creative vision to life, and every aspect of a shoot revolves around this goal. Planning out the shoot is absolutely essential to allow all of the pieces to fall into place.
The director or photographer must also be able to communicate this vision to their team. Like a conductor of an orchestra, all of the timing and every person must work in harmony. A good leader can rally a team around a common vision and communicate clearly what, where, when, and how it needs to be done.
But for that to happen, there must be a plan. Laying out a comprehensive plan before the shoot makes everything go more smoothly. Of course there will be issues and problems that arise, but those are the exceptions. Scouting locations ahead of time, knowing what props, wardrobe, stylists etc. are necessary, knowing who needs to ready at what timeĀ and where they should be, when these things are all planned, a professional can make the production look easy, like it just fell into place.
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